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Bisio Hnos S.A. modernize operations in Uruguay with state-of-the-art CDE EvoWash.




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Family-run construction services firm Bisio Hnos S.A. commissioned a state-of-the-art sand washing plant, designed and engineered by CDE, to modernize its operation and maximize material recovery in the face of growing sand shortages. 

With more than 70 years of experience in the construction sector, Bisio Hnos S.A. specializes in providing a range of services from bulk soil movement and the leasing of road equipment to the manufacture and supply of ready-mix concrete as well as washed sand and aggregates. 

Our customer was losing fine material to their settling ponds and required a solution that could solve this issue. 

“The limitations of the older sand screw technology were leading to the loss of fine material to our settling ponds. We knew there was value locked in those fines that needed to be recovered in a more efficient way. Furthermore, the possibility of creating a Fine Sand product for mortar in a single equipment was very interesting to Bisio Hnos,” he added. 

CDE Business Development Manager, Gustavo Brasil said: “Older sand screw technology, which is still widely used in the industry, can work effectively if the operator is processing coarse sand with low silt and clay content. They are constrained, however, when it comes to processing and capturing fine material.” 



The family firm previously operated a traditional sand screw at its Salto extraction site, which CDE recently upgraded to an EvoWash sand washing plant to help maximize material recovery and extend the life of depleting natural reserves. 

A compact, modular sand washing system, the EvoWash screens and separates the sand in two fractions through an integrated high-frequency dewatering screen, sump and hydrocyclone. 

These provide unrivaled control of silt cut points and eliminate the loss of quality fines with significant commercial value to settling ponds. 

“The solution that was implemented for our business responded directly to our needs. It addressed the challenges around fines recovery and in doing so improved the quality of our existing sand product and added a new output to our portfolio.”
Marcelo Bisio


With an increased number of parameters to ensure improved accuracy on the material cut point, high-value fines, often lost and trapped at the bottom of settling ponds when processed with the more traditional sand screw, are being captured and have helped Bisio Hnos S.A. expand its product range and create a new revenue stream. 

Processing up to 80 tons per hour of raw sand and gravel feed material, Bisio Hnos S.A. is now supplying both concrete and mortar sands to the local construction industry and is capturing material that was previously sent to settling ponds as a waste output. 

“Production is up, time lost to the maintenance and double handling of materials in settling ponds is down, and more material that ever before is being recovered, which is key when the demand for quality construction materials is high and we’re facing an epidemic of sand reserve depletion around the world,” Gustavo added. 

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