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Sunstate Sands

State-of-the-art 140tph silica sand washing plant in south Brisbane.




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Sunstate Sands Glass Sands Wash Plant, Australia

Silica sand washing plant at Sunstate Sands, Australia.


Sunstate Sands is an independent Queensland quarry operator that provides quality quarry products and high-grade silica products from its quarries in Gladstone and Mackay and a mine operation in Bundaberg.

Sunstate Sands secured a deal with glass container manufacturer Owens-Illinois (O-I) Inc’s Asia-Pacific operations to supply flint grade silica sand to its glass manufacturing facility in South Brisbane. They needed to find the best way to achieve this and provide a consistent grade of the silica sand for this glass production.


Side view shot of Sunstate sands silica sand washing plant


CDE worked closely with Sunstate Sands to develop a plant concept that would meet all production requirements and carried out laboratory testing to assess the feed material.

The plant has been configured specifically for Sunstate Sands and the rigid requirements necessary for glass sand production. The plant incorporates several machines from the CDE core product range including the M2500 mobile washing plant, multiple EvoWash™ sand washing units, several prograde screens, and an AquaCycle™ thickener.

“The new plant will allow us to increase out overall production of quality materials, which will facilitate growth to our export business”
Darren Wardie, Group General Manager of Sunstate Sands

Stockpiled washed silica sand at Sunstate Sands' quarry


The final materials produced are all within specification and allow Sunstate Sands to service its customers with new products. The company is also able to target new markets on and offshore.

Business efficiency has also improved as the company is achieving higher levels of production and has increased its range of products without the need to recruit additional employees to run the new plant.

The plant produces seven products in one pass at a feed rate of approximately 140 tons per hour as per Sunstate Sands requirements.

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