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5 Reasons to Invest in a Water Treatment System

Did you know today (22nd March) is World Water Day, and 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of this UN initiative that highlights the importance of water. As a global leading wet processing equipment solutions provider, we work in partnership with our customers to establish ways to minimise water waste and protect the environment. As CDE also celebrates its 25th birthday alongside World Water Day, here are 5 ways in which we continue to help customers to minimise waste and be more efficient in their water recycling.

Minimise Your Water Waste with a Water Treatment System

If you are running a washing plant to help process your sand & aggregates, C&D waste or mining materials, you will likely be managing your wastewater by sending it to settling ponds. Settling ponds can be both expensive to manage and take up a lot of space, while they also present risks to both the environment and the safety of your workforce. Investing in a water treatment system like the CDE AquaCycle can help address these challenges. Here are 5 reasons to consider investing in a water treatment system.

5 Reasons to Invest in a Water Treatment System

By introducing a water treatment system for your washing plant, you can:

1. Reduce the space needed for settling ponds – by investing in a water treatment system, such as a CDE AquaCycle thickener, you can significantly reduce the space needed for managing your water usage. The addition of a filter press to your operation can even eliminate the need for settling ponds altogether.

2. Reduce your waste collection – not only will investing in a water treatment system reduce the space needed for settling ponds on site, but it can also significantly reduce the amount of waste materials created through your washing process. The intelligent design of our AquaCycle thickener, ensures that you maximise the settlement of solids in the smallest possible space.

3. Save money – the AquaCycle thickener can help you recycle up to 90% of used water, thus reducing the amount of fresh water required to run your plant. This will also minimise the environmental impact that your plant may have.

4. Reduce health & safety risks – settling ponds can be a risk to the health and safety of both your workforce and visitors to your site. Investing in a water treatment system can reduce this risk, making your site a cleaner, safer and more productive area for staff and visitors on a daily basis.

5. Overcome water supply challenges – limited availability of water can often mean wet processing is simply not an option for many plants. By investing in water treatment technology such as the CDE AquaCycle thickener, you can now adapt a wet processing solution to your plant requirements, as you will only require a 10% top up of fresh water.

How can the AquaCycle Benefit Your Plant?

The CDE AquaCycle water management system provides an efficient alternative to water extraction from natural sources by recycling up to 90% of processed water, ready for immediate re-use by the system.

After the raw material has been washed and classified, waste is sent to the AquaCycle thickener. In the AquaCycle a small amount of polyelectrolyte flocculent is added to the water from the automatic dosing station which forces fine particles to settle on the bottom of the thickener tank.

The clean water on the top overflows the weir and is stored in the AquaStore water tank before being re-circulated around the plant, helping to reduce the amount of required fresh water to 5% - 15%. The waste sludge is then discharged into a buffer tank where a motorised rake in constant rotation ensures the material does not settle and solidify. If further dewatering is required, a filter press or decanter is added to the wet processing solution to eliminate the need for settling ponds.

Getting a Return on Investment Through Better Management Your Waste Water

Intensive or systematic use of settling ponds can generate a significant loss of revenue for plant operators. For instance, it is not uncommon for high-value fines to remain trapped at the bottom of ponds. The use of ponds also requires for the operator to factor in extra space on site and expect downtime whilst the material settles.

Water management systems are increasingly becoming a must on quarries and mining sites as their benefit significantly outweigh the initial investment. A typical return on investment on a CDE AquaCycle can be six to nine months.

CDE Introduces AquaCycle Water Treatment Technology to France with S.A. André Boureau

“We were concerned with reducing costs, increasing efficiency and reducing our environmental impact. The AquaCycle system guarantees that we can achieve all three of these goals while complying with environmental requirements.” Jean-Charles Gillet, Managing Director, S.A. André Boureau.

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