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Growing International Demand for Latest Product Launch from CDE

The ability to achieve fast return on investment without incurring heavy capital expenditure underpins the early success of CDE's latest product innovation for the wastewater treatment industry. 

One year on from its launch to market, our latest solution for solid liquid separation has attracted significant interest from water utilities and wastewater contractors throughout the UK, Ireland and in Europe. 


A compact, multi-purpose solution, the MSU:10G can be applied to a variety of applications, including tank cleanout operations, gully waste and interceptor cleanouts, mobile decanter protection, backup and emergency screening, and drilling muds dewatering. 


CDE Business Development Manager Fergal Campbell says its development was a direct response to customer need. 


“We engaged closely with our customers to better understand their individual needs. These ranged from being able to process variable feed material to plant mobility, footprint and limited on-site access. We then utilised those insights to engineer a solution that was both efficient and cost effective.” 


He says CDE has sold an MSU:10G solution on average every month since it was unveiled last year. 


“We launched the MSU:10G to market just 12 months ago and the response has been extremely positive with significant interest from new and long-term CDE customers. 


“Its success lies in the fact we developed a solution that addresses common and specific needs. The MSU:10G offers greater mobility and a smaller footprint without compromising on its ability to process the same difficult and variable materials that larger solutions handle. We’ve incorporated all of these benefits into solution that allows for fast return on investment and the capacity to expand and grow a customer’s operation. 


“It exemplifies our commitment to engineering excellence and developing innovative solutions that respond to the challenges facing the industry,” he adds. 


Designed for ease of use and with the contractor at the forefront, the unit can be delivered easily, requires minimal start up time and delivers maximum performance. 


The MSU:10G technology can be applied to any mobile solid or liquid separation market such as sewage tank sludge, hydro excavation waste and more. It is highly effective at grit and sand recovery, operating at 5 l/s at 6% dry solids screening at 6mm oversize. Recovered grit and sand is diverted from landfill, recycled and reused or sold for revenue gain. The MSU:10G enables contractors to significantly reduce disposal costs while its energy efficiency ensures it operates at maximum performance with a greatly reduced carbon footprint. 


The small but mighty solution is also portable, meaning it can be transported between sites to process material closer to the source and eliminating the need to transport waste at high cost to a central processing facility. 


Andidrain Says Yes 

CDE’s most recent MSU:10G commission was for long-term customer Andidrain Limited, the Carlisle-headquartered drain cleaning and wastewater maintenance specialist. 


A fully integrated industrial services company, Andidrain offers industrial cleaning services for customers in the utilities, construction, environmental and waste management sectors. 


Established in 1990, Andidrain originally focused on providing quality drain clearance services to customers in Cumbria and the surrounding areas. Over the past three decades, the contractor has expanded significantly and now offers its services to projects throughout the UK. 


In 2013 Andidrain invested in its first CDE solution, a D:MAX mobile screening and classification unit which enabled the company to reduce its waste-to-landfill volumes by 70%. By 2018, the company had commissioned a further four D:MAX solutions. 


The D:MAX from CDE is a mobile, trailer-mounted screening and classification system used to process a variety of materials from the water and wastewater treatment process.  


As a contractor, the nature and location of the projects Andidrain is involved in can be wide-ranging. To be able to continue providing a comprehensive service for its customers a compact and portable solution was required. 


Andrew Little, Managing Director at Andidrain, says the reliability of its proven solutions made CDE the ideal partner for the project.

“We consider an investment in CDE technology to be the best course of action to achieve our aims. We’ve worked with the company for almost eight years now and in that time have commissioned five durable and highly efficient D:MAX plants which have served us well and facilitated the continued growth of our company.”


Among the services Andidrain offers its customers is tank cleaning and site remediation contracting. Removing rag and grit from industrial tanks is an important process. Rag and grit that settle in tanks reduce their capacity and adversely impact efficiency. These materials are also highly abrasive and can lead to wear on downstream processes. 


Andidrain’s new MSU:10G solution will be applied to tank cleanout operations, processing 15 litres per second to remove rag, grit and other waste materials including plastics. 


The fully mobile and versatile solution means the MSU:10G can easily be relocated to where it is required or utilised as a fixed installation to provide protection to downstream assets. 


Responding to the challenges of waste processing, recovered rag material is dewatered to minimise waste-to-landfill volumes and disposal costs while sand and grit can be recovered and used for pipe bedding, landscaping and road base.  


Site access, Andrew says, is a key consideration when taking on a new project. 


“Being a contactor, we have to work within the confines of the customer’s site, so introducing a compact solution to our fleet provides us with the technology to be able to say yes to any project.  


“The compact nature and mobility of the MSU:10G, alongside our existing D:MAX units, means we can now take on projects of all sizes and in any location.” 

“We engaged closely with our customers to better understand their individual needs. These ranged from being able to process variable feed material to plant mobility, footprint and limited on-site access. We then utilised those insights to engineer a solution that was both efficient and cost effective.”
Fergal Campbell, Business Development Manager, CDE
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