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CDE is committed to enabling our clients in developing exceptional value and assisting in the funding of their new CDE equipment. 

Finance & Lease

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Investing in a CDE solution is about more than getting the right plant for your materials and achieving your business goals. It is about unlocking new opportunities, thinking sustainably, guaranteeing performance and maximising return on your investment. 

CDE provides flexible finance and lease programs through a 3rd partyto enable the following benefits*:   

  • Terms available from 24-60 months 

  • Can cover up to 100% of the project cost including facility and necessary site improvements 

  • Make all deposits in accordance with the payment terms of CDE 

  • The ability to refinance after 18 months 

  • Flexibility in how the transaction can be structured 

Speak with us today if you would like to learn more about the finance and lease options available through CDE. 

*Finance and lease options are only available in the United States of America and Canada at present. 

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